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Zombicide studio releasing English language version of Borrowers-esque RPG

Become a member of the Household.

Household RPG artwork
Image credit: Two Little Mice

Cmon, the publisher responsible for releasing tabletop titles such as Zombicide and Blood Rage, is releasing an English language version of the roleplaying game, Household.

Originally published by the Italian studio Two Little Mice, an English language version of Household – a tabletop RPG that has players becoming small creatures living in an abandoned mansion – is set to be published for the first time. Cmon acquired Two Little Mice in September 2021, with the publisher now responsible for releasing roleplaying games on behalf of Cmon.

Household is a fantasy tabletop RPG that focuses on the lives of tiny beings living away from the human world. In the game, players take on the roles of classic fairytale creatures such as faeries and boggarts to explore the vast expanse of an abandoned mansion in the depths of a forest. As Littlings, players will be faced with all the challenges of being very tiny beings living in a very large space populated by potentially dangerous creatures such as creepy crawlies and woodland wildlife. The mansion itself is home to entire civilisations of Littlings, from the ground-floor fairy realm and boggart societies to the top floor Sawdust Deserts, with the player characters able to explore its many floors and rooms.

Household RPG artwork 2

Whether players are discovering new areas of the mansion or if they’re getting wrapped up in the court intrigue of the upper levels, they’ll need to use all their wits and the support of their fellow Littlings to survive. The humans who once lived in the mansion have left all sorts of knick-knacks behind for the player characters to pick up and make use of, from sewing pins to scissors. Not all of the wildlife in the world of Household are aggressive towards the Littlings, with characters even able to tame and befriend the smaller members of the animal kingdom, such as mice


Household was co-created by Rico Sirignano and Simone Formicola, the co-founders of Two Little Mice, a studio that is also known for releasing roleplaying games such as Broken Compass – an RPG that put players in the boots of ambitious explorers looking for their next prize and adventure – and a sourcebook called Inferno: Dante’s Guide to Hell, which is based on the classic epic biblical poem written by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

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The artwork for Household was created by Daniela Giubellini, with additional art from Antonio de Luca, Federica Constantini and Alessandro Paviolo.

A Kickstarter campaign for the English language version of Household is set to be launched in Q2, with pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be revealed.

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