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Iberian Gauge is the third train game in Irish Gauge and Ride the Rails series

The train in Spain hauls mainly on the plain.

The third game in the Iron Rail series, following Irish Gauge and Ride the Rails, will be a new edition of Iberian Gauge.

Originally released in 2017, Iberian Gauge was designed by Irish Gauge creator Tom Russell as a follow-up to Irish Gauge (pictured), the 2014 train game recently re-released by Capstone Games as the first in the Iron Rail collection. The second game in Capstone’s series was Ride the Rails, a remake of John Bohrer’s 2014 release Rail USA released earlier this year.

Like Irish Gauge, Iberian Gauge is a ‘cube rail game’, with players managing both the building of railroad tracks via their ownership of railroad companies and the careful management of stock in the companies.

What makes the game unique is the use of numbered shares, which determine the order in which players with stock in a company place a single cube to expand that company’s tracks during an operating round - rather than a single player determining where to build.

Players can also lease track from rivals, paying half the cost of building directly to the company. There are five different railroad companies in the game, which is set along the Iberian peninsula.

The most cash and stock value at the end of each approximately 90-minute match determines the winner, with Iberian Gauge playing with between three and five people.

Iberian Gauge was announced by Capstone Games during the publisher’s recent Camp Capstone stream. The publisher said it was still “early” in development, saying the game would potentially include Russell’s original rules along with new variants.

Capstone owner Clay Ross said that the publisher was aiming at a $40 price tag for the upcoming game, with a release date estimated around Origins Game Fair, taking place from June 16th to 20th 2021.

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