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Infinity CodeOne is a slicker, quicker edition of the sci-fi miniatures game aimed at newcomers, out now

Rulebook and quickstart rules available to download for free.

A streamlined beginner-friendly version of sci-fi miniatures game Infinity has been released, with the Infinity CodeOne rules available to download now for free.

Infinity is a miniatures wargame in the vein of Warhammer 40,000 that pits players against one another in a battle of mega-corporations and interplanetary superpowers all intent on establishing their place in the galaxy. After it was discovered that human colonies could travel via wormholes, a series of routes called Circulars were established, which quickly became the main method for larger trading vessels to do business. Maintained by an intergovernmental organisation called 0-12 - an offshoot of the United Nations - these Circulars soon ignited a tug-of-war between various factions.

The factions include wealthy conglomerate PanOceania, bastion of science and humanism Haqqislam, the powerful AI Aleph and alien civilisation Tohaa, all of which have their own unique play styles, abilities and units for players to use during battle.

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Taking place on various maps themed after sci-fi locations within the Infinity universe, players take turns to move their units across the terrain - using whatever cover and height advantages they can - in order to confront their opponents in a series of skirmishes. Once all a player’s opponents are eliminated from the board they are named the winner.

Whilst the original Infinity ruleset included nine different factions and provided a detailed set of combat rules that ensured games would last at least 90 minutes, Infinity CodeOne is an alternative version of the miniatures wargame designed to cut away some of the more complicated aspects of the original ruleset.

According to publisher Corvus Belli, the new CodeOne system aims to reduce play time to just 45 minutes and lower the learning curve, as well as reducing the number of available factions to four. These four factions will come in specific Infinity CodeOne packs aligned with the new ruleset, in order to separate them from the original version of the miniature wargame. The full Infinity CodeOne rulebook and a set of quickstart rules can be downloaded for free from the game’s website.

Operation Kaldstrom Infinity Codeone miniatures game layout

The first entry in the new Infinity CodeOne series is the two-player Operation Kaldstrom starter pack, which contains two of the four factions - rivals PanOceania and Yu Jing - alongside everything new players need to begin a game with the new system.

Corvus Belli has also released a new version of its free Infinity Army companion app for PC and mobile, which helps players to create custom army lists for their chosen faction and provides information on the different available units.

Last year Corvus Belli launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for a co-op board game set in the world of the wargame called Infinity Defiance. An adventure board game in which players are human nations attempting to prevent the invasion of the alien Combined Army forces, Defiance will reach backers sometime in July 2020. Infinity’s futuristic sport of Aristeia previously saw its own board game spin-off in 2017.

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A tabletop roleplaying game based in the Infinity universe has also been released, published by Modiphius - the company behind the upcoming roleplaying game Dune: Adventures in the Imperium RPG.

The Infinity CodeOne: Operation Kaldstrom battle pack is available now, with further releases in the CodeOne series yet to be announced.

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