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Jurassic World is getting a legacy game from Villainous and Hogwarts Battle creators

Board game due for release next summer will span entire Jurassic Park franchise.

A new Jurassic World legacy game teased by the creators of Villainous and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle will span the entirety of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Jurassic World Legacy - said to be a non-final working title - comes courtesy of Prospero Hall, the designer collective behind a number of movie board games, from Jaws to this year’s Fast & Furious: Highway Heist. The studio previously adapted the long-running film franchise - based on Michael Crichton’s books - as Jurassic Park Danger! - Adventure Strategy Game.

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The upcoming board game was teased with a short announcement trailer that had zero information but pretty much everything else you’d expect from a Jurassic Park spin-off - an ominous muddy dinosaur print, a miniature of a T-Rex breaking through a 10,000-volt electric fence and a dinosaur roar over the Jurassic Park logo.

A brief description says the “all-new, original legacy game experience” will begin with the origins of the titular park and run through to the recent Jurassic World sequels, which take place two decades after the original trilogy.

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Popularised by spin-offs from board games such as Pandemic and Risk, legacy games typically introduce campaign-style progression over a number of play sessions that form a connected story and unlock additional content over multiple playthroughs. Legacy games also tend to feature destructible components - such as instructions to tear up cards - and permanent modification of pieces such as game boards with stickers and writing, often based on decisions made by the players during each session.

The Jurassic World legacy game is planned for release in summer 2022 by Funko Games, the board game division of the Pop! Vinyl toy maker that acquired Prospero Hall in 2019.

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