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Four starter decks for Keyforge’s upcoming Mass Mutation set released as free print-and-play after COVID-19 delay

Latest expansion pushed back to summer.

Try out the newest expansion for Keyforge, Mass Mutation, for free with four downloadable print-and-play decks released by the card game’s publisher Fantasy Flight Games.

A unique deck game designed by Richard Garfield - the creator of trading card game Magic: The Gathering - Keyforge sees two players facing off against one another in a race to build three keys before their opponent by collecting the precious resource of æmber.

Unlike the randomised booster packs of other competitive card games, Keyforge’s decks are generated by an algorithm that determines which cards will be included in each deck - ensuring that every Keyforge deck in the world has a unique combination of cards.

Each deck is made up of three randomly-selected houses, with each faction providing a different style of play, from the upgrade-heavy Star Alliance to the destructive Dis. On a player’s turn they must declare the house from which they intend to play cards and perform actions; players can only use a single house per turn, but may play as many cards and actions as they please.

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Mass Mutation is the fourth major set released for the unique deck game and re-introduces older Keyforge cards as new mutated versions with different powers and abilities, as well as adding several new gameplay mechanics for players to make use of.

The four free print-and-play Mass Mutation decks feature a mixture of Keyforge houses - including Sanctum, which has not been seen in a Keyforge set since the card game first released in 2018.

Each deck contains several cards with the Enhance keyword, which enables players to apply the effect listed on that card - such as forcing the opponent to pay an extra æmber to forge a key or drawing an extra card - to other cards. However, the Enhance ability has already been applied to select cards in the four free downloadable decks.

Also included in the decks are new gigantic creatures, which require players to lay down two cards - each comprising one half of the creature - in order to acquire more powerful abilities. The gigantic creatures include Deusillus, which can capture all of the opponent’s æmber simply by being played.

Alongside the four archon decks is a free guide on how to play Keyforge and use the new cards included in the Mass Mutation set.

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Originally set to be released on May 1st, the official launch for Mass Mutation has been delayed until July in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, along with several other upcoming board game releases from Fantasy Flight, including the Black Widow hero pack for living card game Marvel Champions: The Card Game and the next expansion for co-op board game Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth.

As well as the four new Keyforge: Mass Mutation decks, Fantasy Flight parent company Asmodee has released several other print-and-play board games, including family board game Dobble and party board game Concept. The games can be downloaded for free from Asmodee’s dedicated print-and-play website.

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