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Chronicles of Crime creator’s next game will be a kid-friendly version of the detective title

Magical mystery tour.

Travel through two magical kingdoms as a wizard’s apprentice in Kids’ Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones, an upcoming board game from the designer behind Chronicles of Crime - David Cicurel.

Kids’ Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones is a co-op game set in a fictional world of fairy tales that’s made up of two lands - the Kingdom of Summer and the Winter Empire - who have both been supported and guided by a wizard. However, the wizard longs for retirement and has sought out a group of new apprentices in order to take up his mantle. The apprentices, or the players, will need to travel across the fairy world in order to gather a collection of Moon Stones which will provide them with the clues they need to solve a series of mysteries.

As an app-assisted board game, Kids’ Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones will see players using both the game’s physical components and board, as well as a free companion app, in order to progress. The app can be used to scan components, thereby highlighting new clues and fresh outcomes. Whenever the players arrive at a new location, they will be able to experience a 3D scene depicting the game’s characters through the companion app.

Throughout the game, the Players will need to assist the people of the Kingdom of Summer and the Winter Empire in order to gradually unravel the secrets around the Moon Stones, with their friendly familiar Nills the Moon Cat there to help them whenever they need it. Quest for the Moon Stones will be the first entry in a series of new board games for kids and is based on a similar system used for Chronicles of Crime.

Besides Chronicles of Crime and Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones, Cicurel is also responsible for co-designing other titles in the Chronicles of Crime series such as Chronicles of Crime: 1400 - a standalone game set in 15th century Paris that sees players investigating crimes within the city - as well as this year’s Chronicles of Crime: 1900 and 2400.

Lucky Duck Games is the publisher behind the upcoming Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones, with the studio being best known for releasing the aforementioned Chronicles of Crime and the supernatural themed party board game Paranormal Detectives.

Kids’ Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones is set to be released in Q4 2021, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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