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Mage Knight’s The Apocalypse Dragon is legendary fantasy board game’s first big expansion in a decade

Fourth expansion for Codename creator’s epic adventure game will hit tables in early 2025.

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Mage Knight, the sprawling, semi-open-world fantasy board game from Codenames creator Vlaada Chvátil, hasn’t seen a major expansion in almost 10 years. That will change early next year, when the fourth big addition to the dense adventure game arrives on tables.

The Apocalypse Dragon follows The Lost Legion, a character pack for orc shaman Krang and Shades of Tezla - which was released back in 2015 - in introducing new playable characters, enemies and campaign mode scenarios to Mage Knight’s cooperative card-powered questing.

The upcoming box will add a playable hero in Coral, who hails from the usually antagonistic faction of the Atlantean Empire and joins the players’ party on a quest for revenge against the expansion’s Apocalypse Cult.

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Both Coral and the Apocalypse Cult both have their roots in the original Mage Knight collectible miniatures game, a hybrid of wargames and RPGs released in 2000 before being rebooted into the board game a decade later.

The Apocalypse Cult is seeking to resurrect the original Mage Knight’s Apocalypse Dragon, a fearsome monster whose five heads take inspiration from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The horsemen will appear as enemies in a new campaign, alongside the dragon itself.

Alongside the new foes will be a series of fresh scenarios for players to tackle in its campaign mode - supporting both co-op and Mage Knight’s beloved solo mode - with new tiles and locations fleshing out designer Phil Pettifer’s additions to the original game.

Mage Knight: The Apocalypse Dragon is due to release in Q1 2025, costing $60 in the US. It’ll be the first big expansion for the game since Shades of Tezla in 2015, with only the game’s collected Ultimate Edition - containing all three expansions - and its minor 2019 dual-colour card add-on, originally included in the Ultimate Edition, released since.

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