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Magic: The Gathering is getting Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed cards

Next Universes Beyond sets to arrive from 2024.

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Two major video game series are headed to Magic: The Gathering, as Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed join the trading card game.

Wizards of the Coast president Cynthia Williams revealed the upcoming crossovers during Hasbro’s Investor Day presentation, announcing that the storied Japanese roleplaying franchise and historical stealth-action series would join MTG’s Universes Beyond releases.

Williams noted that 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy, with the next numbered entry in the series, Final Fantasy XVI, due to release on PlayStation 5 next year. The video game series previously launched its own trading card game, designed by former Magic: The Gathering pro Tarou Kageyama.

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Assassin’s Creed, meanwhile, turns 15 next month. Ubisoft’s series of open-world, neck-stabbing action games have delved into Arabic, Egyptian, Greek and Norse history, with upcoming sequels set to explore Feudal Japan and the Holy Roman Empire.

Williams didn’t reveal any further details, only confirming that the Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed Magic: The Gathering sets would be part of Universes Beyond - Magic: The Gathering’s ongoing series of crossovers that has so far included The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and Warhammer 40,000, and will add both The Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who next year. The series has also included video games Fortnite and Street Fighter.

Williams said that the MTG releases would arrive “from 2024”. Past Universes Beyond sets have included individual cards offered via MTG's Secret Lair drops, complete sets and pre-made decks for popular format Commander; it's uncertain what form the Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed releases will take.

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