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Magic: The Gathering’s Dominaria United set will include original cards from 1994 boosters

Cards pulled from Legends packs will be included in upcoming expansion’s Collector Boosters.

The next major set in MTG's release calendar, Dominaria United, will include original cards from one of its earliest expansions.

Dominaria United returns MTG to its central plane of Dominaria, which was introduced in Magic: The Gathering’s very first Alpha set in 1993 and has served as the setting for a number of the card game’s biggest storylines since.

The upcoming expansion will serve as the opening chapter in a planned storyline that will play out over four upcoming sets and is teased to feature a number of cameos from returning MTG characters, including planeswalkers Karn, Ajani and Lilliana. The story is said to both look back on Dominaria’s history and ahead to the future of the plane.

In keeping with the nostalgic feel, Wizards of the Coast said that Dominaria United’s release on September 9th would also act as a kickoff for its wider 30th anniversary celebrations of Magic: The Gathering. The publisher previously announced an anniversary event, Magic 30, will take place in Las Vegas at the end of October.

Dominaria United will revive the booster format used by 2018’s standalone set Dominaria, with a legendary creature card included in every Set, Draft and Collector booster pack. The set will include more than 40 unique legendary cards in total.

In a new addition, Dominaria United’s Collector boosters - pricier booster packs first introduced in 2019 that include foil cards and artwork variants - will also include original cards from Magic: The Gathering’s 1994 expansion Legends.

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The Legends cards are not reprints, but cards pulled from physical Legends boosters originally produced in 1994. If you're curious, Cardmarket values the average price of a sealed MTG Legends booster at around €800 today. Individual cards from the set, meanwhile, run the gamut of values from a few cents to several thousand dollars for rare MTG cards such as legendary land The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, according to MTGGoldfish.

The Legends cards will only be included in Dominaria United Collector Booster packs, which typically sell for around $20/£20 compared to the $4/£4 price of a standard draft booster, following a price increase earlier this year.

Wizards of the Coast said that further information would be released during its upcoming Wizards Presents stream on August 18th, which will include announcements of future Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons releases planned for the next year.

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