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There are no more Mansions of Madness 2E expansions on the way, Fantasy Flight says

“We aren’t prepared to talk about the series’ future at this time."

There are no more expansions or DLC in the works for horror board game Mansions of Madness: Second Edition, publisher Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed.

The most recent expansion released for the 2016 title was Path of the Serpent, released back in November 2019. It was the latest in a run of annual big-box physical releases for the story-based co-op game, adding additional terrain tiles, plastic miniatures, investigator characters and item cards, as well as extra scenarios for its digital companion app.

Five major expansions have been released for Mansions of Madness 2E to date - Beyond the Threshold, Streets of Arkham, Sanctum of Twilight, Horrific Journeys and Path of the Serpent - alongside two figure and tile collections, Recurring Nightmares and Suppressed Memories, that adapted content from the board game’s first edition for the revised second edition.

The app-powered second edition has also seen the release of additional scenarios as digital-only DLC for its PC and mobile app. The app adapted scenarios to use specific physical pieces - such as monsters, items and environments - from the base game and expansions marked as owned by the player.

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Asked about the future of Mansions of Madness given the lack of a new release in 2020, Fantasy Flight Games’ product strategy director Jim Cartwright told Dicebreaker that no more expansions or DLC were currently in the works despite the game’s apparent popularity.

“Mansions of Madness: Second Edition continues to be a great success for us,” Cartwright said. “While the game continues to perform well as it finds new audiences, there are no current plans for any additional content for second edition.”

Cartwright indicated that the lack of upcoming releases for Madness of Madness 2E did not mean the end of the franchise - which is part of the expansive Arkham Horror Files universe - as a whole, but stopped short of confirming any major new releases, such as a third edition.

“The game line continues to be very important for us as a studio, but we aren’t prepared to talk about the series’ future at this time,” he said.

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