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Monopoly Scrabble mashes together the two board game classics in one Frankensteinian tabletop crossover

Honestly, how has this never happened before?

Image credit: Winning Move Games/Hasbro

Veteran board games Monopoly and Scrabble are being melded together in a new crossover game titled.. Monopoly Scrabble.

Monopoly Scrabble - or Monopoly® Scrabble®, as co-publishers Hasbro and Winning Moves would prefer you call this particular exercise in corporate IP leverage - combines the real estate-trading of Monopoly with the word-spelling competition of Scrabble.

What that means in real terms is that instead of rolling dice to move around the familiar Monopoly board, you must instead spell out words using Scrabble tiles - with the value of your word dictating how far you move.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonopoly® Scrabble® by Winning Moves Games USA
The announcement trailer for Monopoly Scrabble

If you place a word over a premium Scrabble square, it’ll let you buy that property, like landing on a space in Monopoly. Opponents can then steal those properties from you by building off the letter on the space.

The other parts of the much-maligned yet widely-played board game are also present in reimagined Scrabble-ified forms, from Chance cards to the Community Chest.

Image credit: Winning Move Games/Hasbro

While Monopoly is infamous for dragging on, Monopoly Scrabble will apparently wrap up in under an hour, with the person with the most money - across both cash and property value - winning when the final letter tile is placed.

Despite Monopoly existing since 1935 (under that name, anyway) and Scrabble being released three years later - and with dozens of variations and spin-offs of both games - this is the first time that the two classics have officially crossed over in the 80-plus years since.

Why does everyone hate Monopoly, anyway?Watch on YouTube

Monopoly Scrabble is due to be released this autumn, with its announcement accompanied by the most ‘90s-looking trailer you can imagine. Enjoy.

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