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You might actually finish a game of Monopoly with this speedy new edition

Truly a blessing.

Play the fastest game of Monopoly possible with the new Monopoly: Speed version.

Following on from Hasbro’s announcement of Monopoly: Longest Game Ever, a version designed to extend the classic trading game to never-before-seen lengths, the company has revealed a polar opposite edition called Monopoly: Speed.

According to the box blurb an entire game of Monopoly: Speed can be finished in under 10 minutes, which is a far cry from the hour or three that a standard game usually takes.

Monopoly: Speed is played through a series of four timed rounds wherein players move and buy their properties all at once instead of taking turns. Everyone gets their own unique token and dice to roll, which they’re free to use as much as they can before the timer sounds. Obtaining enough money to buy all this property at once is made easier through the addition of yet another Go space, which replaces the Free Parking zone usually seen on a traditional Monopoly board.

Players will also be able to get out of jail for free, thereby removing the need to roll a double or pay $50 and turning the usually unfortunate space into a quick way of navigating half the board.

Once the buying and moving stage is complete then players begin the trading stage, which has everyone exchanging money and properties for whatever board places they want to own. Here is also where the game’s Chance cards come into play, as they provide help for players wanting to wheel and deal even more properties during the trading stage.

At the end of the four rounds the points are tallied and the game’s winner is decided, with Community Chest cards providing additional bonuses.

This version of Monopoly follows three other controversial editions released this year; Ms Monopoly (a version where women have the advantage), Monopoly Socialism: Winning is for Capitalists (a version where players take from a shared pot) and the aforementioned Monopoly: Longest Game Ever.

Whether the difference in speed and structure will actually change the core experience of Monopoly all that much remains to be seen. But if you’re interested in checking the game out yourself then you can find Monopoly: Speed on Amazon right now.

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