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Watch us play 5 hours of Monopoly, sing about socks and cover ourselves in stickers to raise money for charity

You can still donate.

If you missed it, yesterday the entire Dicebreaker team embarked on our greatest undertaking yet: a mega Monopoly marathon. Of course, it was all for a good cause: to raise money for charity.

We set out to play three hours of Monopoly Plus on PC to fundraise for MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians), a UK-based charity helping those in need across Gaza and East Jerusalem. The organisation works to provide vital drugs and medical supplies throughout the region for immediate aid, as well as investing in the local healthcare system to establish longer-term support for Palestinians.

It’s a fantastic cause, and one well worth donating to - you can continue to do so via our Tiltify campaign here. We’ve already raised more than £3,600 (that's over $5,000!) at the time of writing - an incredible sum that will make a real difference to real people - and have been blown away by the generosity and support of those able to contribute so far.

In return for your incredible support, you can watch us subject ourselves to an excruciating endurance run of classic Monopoly. As the result of the fantastic fundraising, we even extended our initial three hours to a whopping five hours of (almost) non-stop Monopoly, experiencing the surreal experience of Rabbids Monopoly and whims of computer technology while we were at it.

That’s not all, though. We had a special wheel of misfortune (or should that be Wheels of misfortune?) set up for donations at different levels, from plastering our faces in stickers and drawing on our arms with permanent marker to singing songs about socks and doing some questionable impressions of Jeff Goldblum, Nicholas Cage and William Shatner.

As you can probably expect, it was utter chaos - but all in the name of charity. Check out the stream above and please give what you can (or spread the word).

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