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Stranger Things Season Four spoilers found in new Monopoly game

Dodging Demogorgans and story details.

A screenshot from the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things.
Image credit: Netflix

A new Stranger Things-themed edition of Monopoly features spoilers for the television show’s upcoming fourth season.

Components for an upcoming board game, Monopoly Stranger Things (2022 Refresh), reportedly contain important story details for the soon-to-be released fourth season of the Netflix series. (Thanks AV Club and The Hollywood Reporter.) Contained within images of the game’s Community Chest and Chance cards, called Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards, posted online – alongside an account from a customer who was able to purchase a copy of Monopoly Stranger Things (2022 Refresh) from a chain store – are key plot points for the next season of the popular sci-fi show, which have since been listed within a thread on Reddit.

One of the details discovered within the components seems to be the name of a Stranger Things Season Four villain which references the tabletop roleplaying game series Dungeons & Dragons – a franchise that has been featured in previous seasons of the show, including scenes of several major characters playing the TRPG and creatures pulled directly from the roleplaying game universes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, when Matt and Ross Duffer – co-creators of the TV series – discovered that key story details had been leaked prior to Season Four’s launch via the Monopoly edition, they had a “total meltdown.”

An image of the box for Monopoly Stranger Things (2022 Refresh).
Image credit: Hasbro

A source for The Hollywood Reporter stated that, though Netflix and the producers behind Stranger Things are reportedly usually involved in approving merchandise and adaptations of the series, it appears that this particular promotional board game did not receive the same attention. The source also commented on the leak saying “lessons have been earned and, I expect, there will be more cohesion going into season five.”

Monopoly Stranger Things (2022 Refresh) is a new edition of the classic family board game based on the Netflix television series about the unusual goings-on in a suburban US town. Featuring various references to show – from the game board to the aforementioned Chance and Community Chest cards – Monopoly Stranger Things (2022 Refresh) has players travelling across locations from the town Hawkins, purchasing spaces and paying rent as they go. Once players have obtained all the spaces of the same colour, then they will be able to place forts and hideouts – replacing houses and hotels – on their spaces to collect more payment from other players who land on them.

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Stranger Things is a sci-fi television series that first aired on Netflix in 2016. Set to see the launch of its fourth season, Stranger Things is a show set in a small US town during the 1980s in which people are disappearing and unusual events are occurring. Starring the likes of Millie Bobby Brown as the gifted Eleven and Finn Wolfhard as plucky Mike Wheeler, Stranger Things employs ‘80s pop culture references and imagery throughout its runtime – from D&D to The Neverending Story.

Monopoly Stranger Things (2022 Refresh) is set to launch sometime soon at a retail price of £26 ($32). Want some help with it too, check out our guide on how to play and win Monopoly.

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