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Lost Cities creator has made another competitive legacy board game

Island getaway.

Reiner Knizia, the designer behind the classic two player board game Lost Cities, has created another legacy board game.

My Island is a follow-up to 2020’s My City, a legacy board game that has players trying to acquire the most points possible by developing their respective metropolises. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) In My Island, players are attempting to develop an entire island, building it and growing it using a collection of connected Hexagons. Throughout the game, players will decide the history of their islands, shape its landscape and even discover secrets in its sands.

Across 24 sessions, players in the upcoming board game will come across various new rules and components that will change the way that they interact with My Island. Details on what these various changing gameplay mechanics and materials will be are yet to be confirmed, but will enable players to make permanent changes to their island which will affect what their options are later on.

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My City is a board game created by Knizia that has two to four players establishing and growing their own cities over the course of several in-game stages. Taking place over 24 episodes, My City starts with players deciding on the layout of their cities, before advancing it through pre-industrial and then industrial phases. Within each episode, players can customise their respective cities by adding new elements to them, as well as introducing new cards into the overall game.

Which aspects players decide to add to their cities will determine what options they’ll have in later episodes, with their cities carrying over to every new game. At the end of the campaign, whichever player has successfully collected the most points through their city is named the winner. By flipping over the game board, players can experience a replayable version of My City that removes all of its legacy elements, with the group needing to play the first four episodes of the legacy version in order to unlock everything they need for the replayable version. My City was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres in 2020 – the highest accolade that a board game can receive – but lost out to Pictures.

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Besides Lost Cities, My Island and My City, Knizia is also known for designing civilisation board games such as Tigris & Euphrates, alongside The Lord of the Rings co-op game and several auction board games like Modern Art and High Society.

Kosmos is the publisher responsible for releasing My Island – as well as My City – with the studio also publishing titles such as the co-op card game The Crew and the aforementioned Lost Cities.

My Island is set to be released this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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