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Post-apocalyptic grid battler Neuroshima Hex! comes to mobile devices in September

Borgo on the go.

Polish strategic board game Neuroshima Hex! will receive a mobile version, due out in September of this year, allowing fans of the competitive wasteland title to play on the go.

Mobile video game developer Portal Games will be handling the digital adaptation of Michał Oracz’s long running board game about factions battling for survival in a bid for control of a blasted landscape. Conventionally, two players face off against one another in pitched combat, but later editions and expansion added support for multiple players in different arrangements.

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“The goal of the game is to destroy your enemy’s HQ by placing troops on the hexagonal game board and triggering their abilities,” Portal Games wrote in a press release. “All Factions have their own unique units with distinct mechanics. The order in which units come into play and their placement on the board make each game completely different, resulting in high replay value.”

The game will use the third edition of Neuroshima Hex!, which Z-Man Games released in English in 2013. That version has since gone on to spawn a wealth of user-created content to bolster the number of playable factions, units and tech available to bring to bear against foes.

This will be the second mobile application Portal Games has handled for the Neuroshima Hex!, the first having come out in 2010. The new version redesigns the entire experience, according to the developer, and will support three different AI opponent levels in solo play, along with cross-platform matchmaking between Android and iOS devices.

Players will be able to choose among the Moloch, Hegemony, Outpost, and Borgo factions at launch, with more drawn from the various official expansions already planned and in development for the future. Those that played the original app and purchased those factions previously will be able to access them free of charge upon release. Ostensibly, new players will need to buy access to any future content.

Designer Michał Oracz is also responsible for the board game adaptation of This War of Mine, the sombre exploration title split between survival at night and scavenging during the day (and also one of Dicebreaker's best video game-based tabletop titles). He also designed the cooperative deckbuilder with miniatures, Etherfields, which came out in 2020.

Neuroshima HEX! on mobile is planned to drop in September of this year, simultaneously on iOS and Android devices. The currently available version costs $3 (£2), but Portal Games has not yet said how much the updated app will run.

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