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One Deck Dungeon goes to space in the board game series’ latest venture

Delve into deep-space.

Create a federation spanning dozens of planets in the science-fiction themed follow-up to One Deck Dungeon, called One Deck Galaxy.

Take to space in the latest release in a co-op board game series that challenges players to work together to overcome enemies and grow in strength. Taking place within a series of divided star systems, One Deck Galaxy has players seeking to form a federation to unite various homeworlds against those who would threaten them. However, achieving this feat will not be easy, as there will be a series of adversaries standing between the players and their ultimate goal.

At the beginning of the space-themed board game, players choose a homeworld and society type for their characters, with various different combinations having their own unique benefits. Every turn then begins with the players rolling a collection of dice based upon their character’s different attributes, with their colours and resulting rolls having an effect on how they can be used. The dice in One Deck Galaxy can be placed on both location and encounter cards in order to give players rewards that will help them to fulfill their homeworld’s milestones, and gain federation levels to upgrade their character with.

Alternatively, dice can also be used to build starships and fleets that will grant the players more benefits to use throughout the game. Players will need these various benefits, as they’ll eventually be going toe-to-toe with their adversary, who will have their own powerful abilities designed to make the heroes’ lives difficult - such as being able to roll the players dice and use them for their own means.

As the adversary advances closer to their goal, the players inch towards defeat. However, should players successfully confront their adversary four times, then they win the game.

One Deck Galaxy was created by Chris Cieslik, the designer behind the original One Deck Dungeon and co-creator of the family card game Red7.

Asmadi Games is the publisher responsible for One Deck Galaxy - alongside One Deck Dungeon - alongside titles such as Red7, the civilisation card game Innovation, that has players creating their own societies based on different advancements, and another card game called Mottainai.

The Kickstarter campaign for One Deck Galaxy is live until October 15th, with a pledge of $25 (£19) getting backers a copy of the game in May 2022.

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