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SPONSORED: One Deck Galaxy crams a whole galaxy into one tiny board game box

To infinite fun and beyond?

This video and article are sponsored by Asmadi Games and One Deck Galaxy. Find out more and buy the game on the One Deck Galaxy website.

Fans of portable games take note, as the surprisingly complex fantasy adventure in a small box, One Deck Dungeon, now has a sci-fi sequel.

One Deck Galaxy is, unsurprisingly, set in space where you’re building up your very own alien faction. You can pick from various starting planets populated with everything from cute vegetable people to rocky gemstone creatures, and turn their homeworld into a thriving empire. Rather than trying to fight other players, you’re all working together to create space for yourselves in, well, space. It’s more important to research and explore than battle if you want to win.

Not all aliens are so kind, and there will be dangers to face along the way with powerful entities looking to control the galaxy instead. Like the previous dungeon-delving adventure, there’s even a big boss to face. There’s a whole deck of adversaries to beat and aliens to be, so you can explore the galaxy over and over and still find different ways to play, all from one tiny box.

One Deck Galaxy has a fun whimsical tone that balances out the crunchy sci-fi ideas so even reluctant space explorers will find something to love. It can play alone or with two players, or even expanded for more players if you add an extra box.

Chris Cieslik from Asmadi Games took Wheels through the details at PAX Unplugged 2022, from how One Deck Galaxy plays to how it feels compared to One Deck Dungeon. Watch that above before heading over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel for more board games to check out in 2023!

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