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7 Wonders creator and D&D writer headline adventure collection for Dungeon Fighter RPG One More Quest

The Adventures Mixtape will include scenarios from 14 different writers spanning tabletop, video games, comics and animation.

One More Quest, the upcoming RPG spin-off from dexterity game Dungeon Fighter, will receive an adventure collection featuring familiar names from the worlds of tabletop gaming, video games, comics and more, Dicebreaker can reveal.

The Adventures Mixtape will feature scenarios from over a dozen writers spanning tabletop RPGs, board games, video games, comic books and animated series. The book will be separate to One More Quest’s core rules, which sees the very literal dice-throwing of Dungeon Fighter resolve various tests and encounters. Depending on the situations their characters find themselves in, players may need to aim at the target with extra challenges such as throwing from under the table or dancing as they chuck.

Among the 14 creators contributing to the supplement will be board game designer Antoine Bauza, creator of 7 Wonders, Hanabi and Takenoko. Also on the list is Sarah Madsen, an author and game designer with credits on books including last year’s Dungeons & Dragons 5E release Candlekeep Mysteries - to which she contributed haunted mining-town mystery A Deep and Creeping Darkness - and an adventure for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar RPG Soulbound.

Bauza’s contribution to The Adventures Mixtape is described as “a hella funny ghost story” following a dandy prince in search of a joke’s punchline cut short by the joke-teller’s untimely demise, with the players’ adventurers sent on a quest to summon the spirit of the comic to discover its ending.

Maden, meanwhile, has penned “a wonderfully camp scenario” about rescuing a princess from a cursed party that requires its unfortunate attendees to dance until the music stops or they expire from exhaustion. A Horrible Guild representative told Dicebreaker that the adventure is set in a castle that “looks like a late-90s Hot Topic threw up all over it”.

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Bauza and Madsen will be the first of 14 contributors to be revealed over the course of One More Quest’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign, with Horrible Guild teasing “some big and some crazy names” among those yet to be revealed. The anthology will comprise 14 different scenarios - one from each writer given “total freedom” in their adventure - that fit with One More Quest’s wider lore and fantasy setting of Middlewhere.

One More Quest is due to launch on Kickstarter on January 25th. A free set of quickstart rules is already available.

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