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Dungeon Fighter RPG spin-off sees players aiming dice throws to perform actions

One more throw, for One More Quest.

Fling dice at targets to score successful actions in One More Quest, an RPG spin-off from the dexterity board game series - Dungeon Fighter.

Taking place in Middlewhere, One More Quest is a roleplaying game that has players becoming a band of roaming vagrants looking for the next chaotic scenario to fall into. Navigating a land filled with strange people and creatures - such as “hipster gnomes, reversed sirens, and moisty batrachian princes looking for love - in order to find something to occupy their time with.

Unlike other roleplaying games, One More Quest doesn’t involve players rolling dice and checking their results to determine the success of their actions. Instead, players attempt to hit targets with their dice whenever they want their characters to overcome a challenge that they’re facing. Taking inspiration from the dexterity game series that One More Quest is based within, the fantasy RPG has players flinging dice at a classic bullseye target in the hopes of getting as close to its middle as possible - the closer to the centre the dice hits, the better the result of the character’s action will be.

One More Quest RPG dice techniques

Another similarity to Dungeon Fighter comes with One More Quest’s special throw restrictions, which require the players to aim their dice with particular caveats in play that are designed to make things harder. For example, should a player character - or dungeon fighter - need to keep themselves hidden from a guard’s notice, then they will have to throw their dice from under the table and pray that it lands on the target. Alternatively, a dungeon fighter might want to waylay a guard by performing a “distracting dance”, and so should do a little spin before they release their dice.

The Supreme Dungeon Mastermind, or GM, is free to decide what players need to do with their dice rolls using the RPG sourcebook for guidance, with the in-game narrative informing the rolling challenges. The SDM is also in charge of narrating the players’ actions, alongside acting as any non-player characters that appear in the story. Whilst One More Quest maintains a lot of the usual trappings of most roleplaying games, such as classes and health points, it streamlines many of the more complicated aspects of RPGs to offer an experience that can be enjoyed by advanced and beginner players.

One More Quest is set to be published by Horrible Guild, the studio responsible for the Dungeon Fighter series as well as the Railroad Ink roll-and-write games, fantasy board game The King’s Dilemma - which has players vying for power as rival families advising the monarch - and the Similio card game series.

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Dungeon Fighter - which recently received updated editions - is a co-op game that challenges players to throw their dice at a target in order to fight against various monsters that occupy a dangerous labyrinth. As players encounter stronger enemies they’ll come across greater rolling restrictions, until they have to face the final boss.

One More Quest is set to be funded via a Kickstarter campaign, with a launch date yet to be confirmed. A free set of quickstart rules are available to download from the Horrible Guild website.

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