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Our Minerva is an RPG inspired by legacy games, dating sims and sports

Players can design their own character portrait.

Become the sports-playing children of undead gods in Our Minerva, an upcoming roleplaying game that takes inspiration from dating sims and legacy games.

A sequel to the Revenant World RPG - whose events occur 150 years after the second game in the series - Our Minerva is a GM-Less roleplaying game that takes place in a rural town in Appalachia wherein the player characters are athletes competing against other youn people. Throughout the game, the player characters will need to balance their commitment to their sporting endeavours, their duty to their undead god parents and their relationships with their fellow students.

Our Minerva layout

Romantic relationships can be pursued in Our Minerva, but player characters will need to manage their parent’s expectations alongside the possibility that their athletic abilities are being used for sinister purposes. Despite the glitz and glamour of journeying across the Microcosmic Plane and performing in The Coliseum, the player characters will have to be wary of the ulterior motives behind their development as an athlete.

To play the game, participants will collaboratively narrate scenes together, ask questions to one another and use standard playing cards to determine what their current emotional state is by comparing the suit and ranking. The RPG can support up to six players per session, with players using stamps to record any special abilities or effects granted by specific playing cards for future reference - in a similar fashion to many legacy board games. Players can create characters using the sheets provided in the game’s rulebook, with a variety of different character types to choose from. There is also a character portrait creator that players can use to generate an image of their Our Minerva character as a PSD or PNG.

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Our Minerva was created by Clove Fulminata, who is the designer behind the first title in the Revenant World series. The upcoming RPG is being published by Vagabond Pen & Paper, an indie studio that has previously released roleplaying games such as Summers of 17XX - a revisionist RPG about patriots fighting for a country not built on “stolen land, genocide and slavery” - as well as two single-page RPGs called Below and Final Log.

Players can get a digital download of Our Minerva for $20 (£14) right now or a physical version of Our Minerva on for $150 (£106), which comes with a hardcover copy of the rulebook and an optical disk version.

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