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Another rare Charizard Pokémon card just smashed its sales record at auction

First-edition holo crystal Charizard from 2002's Mysterious Mountains expansion almost quadrupled its previous record.

Image credit: PWCC

Another day, another valuable Pokémon card sold at auction for eye-watering amounts; a 20-year-old Charizard card has just set a new record by selling for almost four times its previous top price.

This time around, it was a first-edition Japanese holographic crystal Charizard from 2002’s Mysterious Mountains expansion that went under the hammer.

Illustrated by veteran Pokémon artist Kouki Saitou, the shiny Charizard was one of three crystal-type cards to appear in Mysterious Mountains, alongside Crobat and Celebi.

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Crystal cards were able to change their energy type to match an attached energy card, and only appeared in the Pokémon TCG’s ‘e-Card’ expansions from 2002 and 2003 - named for their compatibility with the e-Reader peripheral for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube. In total, nine crystal cards were released across the e-Card sets.

Mysterious Mountains was the fifth and final e-Card expansion released in Japan, and was combined with earlier Japanese expansion Split Earth to form a single English-language set: Skyridge. A sealed Skyridge booster box - notable for marking the last appearance of beleaguered Pokémon Kadabra in the TCG - appeared at auction last month, selling for $40,800.

Image credit: PWCC

The first-edition crystal Charizard card from Mysterious Mountains was determined to be in perfect Gem Mint 10 condition by grading specialist PSA, which rates cards on its 10-point scale based on factors such as scuffs, marks and bending.

The Japanese holographic Charizard card sold for $40,800 on October 16th via auction house PWCC. According to the auction house, the sale price marks the most ever paid for a copy of the card, almost quadrupling the previous record of $10,300 paid in July 2021.

Despite the impressive price, the crystal Charizard is far from the most expensive Charizard to go under the hammer - that record continues to be held by the shadowless Charizard from the Pokémon TCG’s original Base Set, which sold for $420,000 in March 2022.

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