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Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game lets you summon Megazords or Masters

Morphin’ and shakin’.

Prepare to save the world or conquer Earth in the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game, with new gameplay details revealing the role of Megazords in the upcoming title.

A board game for two to four players, Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game is based on the classic live-action television show and toy line that sees a team of plucky teenagers becoming superpowered heroes destined to fight the forces of intergalactic evil.

Featuring the green, black, pink, red, blue and yellow rangers - with the white ranger being exclusive to publisher Renegade Game Studios’ online store - the deckbuilding game pits the Power Rangers against a band of villains intent on taking over the world, including the sorceress Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Goldar, to name a few.

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Players can choose to play as either the Power Rangers or the forces of evil, with each player selecting one of the available characters from their chosen side. Depending upon which team the players decide to become, they will have different abilities to call upon whilst playing the game. The Power Rangers are able to construct a Megazord - an enormous mech creature - by placing Zord cards into their bay, whilst the villains can recruit a Master to their lair to gain attack benefits.

Despite this asymmetric element, the goal of both teams is to reduce their opponents’ hit points to zero. Players can do this by acquiring new cards with which to power-up their chosen character, as long as they have the required shards needed to purchase them. Once they have buffed their character, players can decide to attack an enemy using their newfound strength. However, should an opponent play a block card, they will prevent taking any damage. At the end of each round, players discard any cards they have used and take one damage for each enemy unit in the Grid - a row of cards in the middle of the table.

The Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game can be played as a head-to-head game, or as a four-player game with two players on either team. It can also be played in a two-versus-one mode, should one player fancy taking on an additional challenge.

Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game cards

The design team behind the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game is made-up of Dan Blanchett - the creator of horror game Heir of Frankenstein - and Matt Hyra, who are also working together on the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals Expandable Card Game based on the popular World of Darkness roleplaying game universe.

Renegade Game Studios is the studio behind the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game and is known for releasing titles such as deckbuilder Clank! and strategy board game Raiders of the North Sea. The publisher is also currently developing an RPG set in the world of Power Rangers, having previously created tabletop roleplaying games including Kids on Bikes and Overlight.

The Power Rangers RPG and the Power Rangers: Deck-Building are both slated for a 2021 release, with the deckbuilding game currently available to pre-order at a retail price of $45 (£34).

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