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Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game’s first standalone set features more playable heroes and villains

Harness the power of the Zeo Crystal.

Fight using the strength of the Zeo Crystal or command The Machine Empire in the first expansion for the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game.

A standalone expansion - meaning that it can be played with or without a copy of the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game - Zeo: Stronger Than Before sees up to four players choosing sides in a battle between the heroic Power Rangers and the villainous King Mondo. As in the original deckbuilding game, Zeo invites players to pick from a selection of either hero or villain characters, before using their respective abilities and decks to defeat the opposing side.

Zeo features a different roster of characters, this time presenting players with either the Zeo Rangers - who have harnessed the power of the Zeo Crystal - or the members of The Machine Empire to choose from. Players will have access to a different collection of abilities depending on who they decide to play as. As an asymmetric title, meaning that the Hero and Villain sides play very differently from one another, Zeo sees the Rangers and The Machine Empire utilising their respective advantages to defeat their enemies in The Grid.

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Each turn has players laying down cards from their hand in order to either attack their opponents, acquire shards or gain more energy. Shards can be used in several different ways including buying new cards, attacking enemy units or collecting rewards. Should players find themselves under attack, they can use block cards in order to defend themselves. However, players will also have to be wary of leaving any enemies in The Grid at the end of their turn, as they’ll take damage for each one remaining. Whichever team manages to vanquish the opposing side first is named the winner.

Zeo: Stronger Than Before was co-created by Matt Hyra - co-designer of the original Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game, as well as the DC Comics Deck-Building Game - and T. C. Petty III, the designer of Vivajava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game.

The studio responsible for releasing Zeo: Stronger Than Before, alongside the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game, is Renegade Game Studios, which is otherwise best known for publishing Clank!, the North Sea trilogy and several sci-fi roleplaying games such as Kids on Bikes and Overlight.

Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game cards
Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game cards.

Apart from releasing the Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game, Renegade Game Studios is also set to publish a tabletop RPG based on the Power Rangers television series and toy lines, with the title yet to receive an official name and release date.

Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game - Zeo: Stronger Than Before is set to be released later this year at a retail price of $45 (£32).

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