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Railroad Ink Challenge ramps up the competition in the colourful roll-and-write train game with two new sets

Visit Lush Green forests or Shining Yellow deserts.

Roll-and-write train game Railroad Ink is getting two new sets focused on increasing the interaction between players.

Like Railroad Ink’s blue and red editions, upcoming board game Railroad Ink Challenge consists of two separate boxes that can be played individually, each with their own unique gameplay twists.

Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green Edition sees players lay down their train tracks and highways through forests, with the set’s green dice offering trees in addition to the usual sections of road and rail.

Shining Yellow Edition, meanwhile, relocates the grid-filling action to a dry desert, with yellow dice presenting cacti, oases and the burning sun for players to place into their individual wipeboard.

As in the original Railroad Ink, players roll the dice and add the same symbols to their personal board, aiming to connect road and rail exits for the maximum points without leaving any routes left open by the end of the game.

Railroad Ink Challenge’s extra subtitle comes from the introduction of in-game goals that all the players are racing to achieve. Only the first player to complete the current objective gains the reward, making it a more competitive and interactive experience than the original game. The goals can be different for each playthrough.

As well as the green and yellow dice featuring elements specific to the Lush Green and Shining Yellow editions, Railroad Ink Challenge includes new dice faces compared to the previous game. Track sections include stations with three connections, dead ends and double curves, presenting a fresh puzzle for players to solve when drawing the symbols on their board.

Finally, the upcoming board game has special structures that players can add into their network to gain beneficial effects, from earning bonus points for placing villages close to stations to copying a die result using a factory and unlocking additional routes with universities.

Railroad Ink Challenge is due to launch on Kickstarter on May 12th. Publisher Horrible Guild is currently offering backers a free expansion featuring a Teleport die and player board for a single-player solo board game mode via its newsletter. The game plays with up to four people per box.

A release date for Railroad Ink Challenge is yet to be announced.

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