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Resident Evil 1 board game gets a reveal trailer, first gameplay details and Kickstarter launch date

A Wesker away.

The Resident Evil 1 board game has been officially revealed with a first-look teaser trailer, gameplay details and the announcement of a Kickstarter launch date.

Rumblings of a board game based on the 1996 PlayStation video game first arrived over the summer thanks to a flyer included with Kickstarter copies of Resident Evil 3: The Board Game, which teased a Kickstarter launch for this autumn.

Publisher Steamforged Games has now fully revealed Resident Evil: The Board Game as coming to Kickstarter on October 26th, accompanied by an announcement trailer that briefly shows off the upcoming board game’s map tiles, character cards and miniatures. Most of the video’s runtime is taken up by live-action footage that will be familiar to anyone who has explored Spencer Mansion in the survival-horror classic.

Steamforged provided a sliver of extra information about how the co-op board game will play in a press release, confirming that it will support up to four players - as well as including a single-player mode - and see players retrace the steps of S.T.A.R.S. members Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they venture into, through and ultimately below the zombie-infested mansion into a laboratory of the villainous Umbrella Corporation.

Like the tabletop adaptation of Resident Evil 3, the Resident Evil 1 board game will feature a campaign mode that will be affected by players’ choices during scenarios. The game is described as having “open world exploration”, offering a mixture of combat, puzzle-solving and narrative events. Each scenario will last for around 90 minutes, with no confirmation of how long the entire campaign is estimated to last.

As well as Resident Evil 3, Steamforged has previously adapted Resident Evil 2 into a board game. Both titles were based on the original PlayStation titles, rather than their modern remakes. The studio has produced a number of board games based on video games in recent years, from Dark Souls and Horizon Zero Dawn to Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter World.

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Pricing is yet to be announced for Resident Evil: The Board Game; Resident Evil 3 started at £65 for the Kickstarter edition. A retail release is also yet to be confirmed, although both Resident Evil 2 and 3 later saw wider availability.

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