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Sagrada: Artisans is a legacy board game about crafting windows over generations

Time to reflect on your actions.

The first legacy board game in the Sagrada series will have players crafting their stained-glass windows across multiple generations.

Sagrada: Artisans is a legacy game – meaning that players experience an entire campaign made up of multiple games, with opportunities to permanently alter the components – about creating works of art. Based in the Sagrada series, which focuses on the construction of stained-glass windows using different coloured dice, Artisans has players building their works over multiple generations, gradually shaping their pieces into something magnificent.

Players take on the role of rival glass-making families vying for renown and recognition for their work. Each family wants to be the one to craft the most impressive stained-glass windows for the Sagrada Familia, with every new generation providing new additions to their family’s work. Along the way, players will gain access to new abilities that will help them gain an advantage over their rivals, as well as a set of new tools with which to craft.

A layout image of the components for Sagrada: Artisans.

Rather than the traditional game boards that have been included in past iterations of the Sagrada series, Artisans will see players using a notebook and set of coloured pencils. Not much else is known about the upcoming board game, with more details set to be released before the launch of its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Sagrada: Artisans was co-designed Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews - who is also a co-designer of the tree-growing board game Bosk, which has players attempting to nurture their oaks to complete growth - the co-creators of the original Sagrada as well as the series of expansions for the original game known as The Great Facades.

Floodgate Games is the company that is set to publish Sagarada: Artisans, with the studio previously being responsible for releasing the previous entries in the series, as well as the aforementioned Bosk and the two-player board game about navigating relationships called Fog of Love.

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Sagrada is a dice-rolling game for one to four players that sees players attempting to fill in the various blocks of their stained-glass windows. Players are able to choose from a selection of templates for their window depending on the level of difficulty they want to experience. A pool of dice is drawn from a bag at the start of each round, with players taking turns to select a die and place it into their template.

Players will need to adhere to the rules of their template by placing a die adjacent to a previously placed one, as well as avoiding putting dice that match any colours or numbers next to each other. Players will be able to score points at the end of the game by fulfilling various public and private goals, with players suffering negative points for any empty spaces on their template.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Sagrada: Artisans is yet to receive a launch date, with pledge amounts also yet to be revealed.

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