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Stalk or save your friends in survival horror board game Sanctorvm

Do vinyl records even play in space?

Play the hero or the villain in story-rich survival horror board game Sanctorvm.

In Sanctorvm you can choose to be a heroic superhuman determined to save a doomed spaceship or the Machiavellian overlord intent on destroying the entire colony, with each role providing a unique player experience. Regardless of who chooses to play what, everyone finds themselves on the decks of one of the Cooperlay’s Daughters, space colonies designed to ferry millions of people to a new galaxy.

This particular colony has been drifting through space without destination for hundreds of years and, as such, strange things have been happening.

This is where the players come in as they wake to find the entire the spaceship has been overrun by terrifying monsters and tyrannical leaders with seemingly no escape, think Alien but there’s more than one. But for one player this situation becomes their chance to rule the roost, as they’ll take control of one of four factions currently terrorising the colony. This player assumes the role of the game’s villain and will have a select set of forces and abilities depending on which faction they choose.

Fighting against this villain will be a group of superhumans called La Familia whose strengths and skills originate from the various experiments conducted upon them. These heroes aren’t just facing the forces of the four factions, they’ll also have to battle through hordes of hellish monsters birthed from a terrible virus spreading across the ship. Thankfully, as La Familia successfully defeat their opponents and explore the ship, they’ll find potent new gear and be able to upgrade their abilities. However, the dreaded overlord will also gather power as the game progresses so players will have to carefully pick and choose their battles.

Players will also have to be cautious about how they react to certain narrative beats as the choices they make will have wide-ranging effects on the game’s story, even to the point wherein certain characters can change allegiances.

Sanctorvm comes with a selection of roleplaying scenarios for people to play through, with each adventure offering a different story with unique challenges for players to tackle. It also comes with a vinyl containing Sanctorvm’s original soundtrack, which is designed to be played alongside the game as an atmosphere building tool.

On Kickstarter until January 16th, Sanctrorvm’s core box will cost you around £59 and is estimated to ship sometime in December 2020. There is currently no confirmed retail release for Sanctorvm.

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