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Sanctum solo rules let you face the Demon Lord alone in hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler

Hell is other people.

Be the only one brave enough to wade through demons plaguing a fallen city with a new solo ruleset for dungeon-crawling game Sanctum.

Originally designed for two to four players, Sanctum sees players competing with one another to cut down the demonic hordes and defeat the tyrannical Demon Lord. Set in the streets of Sanctum - a city in ruins after a hellish invasion - the board game has players taking turns to eliminate as many demon minions as they can on their way to the final boss.

During the game, players move along a series of pathways towards the top of the board, where the Demon Lord resides, whilst encountering various minions. Players can choose to fight these minions to gain new gear and skill upgrades - determined by the colour of the demon - or pass them by in order to reach the Demon Lord before the other players. Players can also choose to rest so that they can equip any gear they’ve acquired, refill their resources and exchange items for potions.

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The solo game mode for Sanctum looks to replace the challenge provided from competing with multiple players by limiting the benefits the lone player receives from fighting demons and adding more challenge cards whenever they rest. The player can decide the game’s difficulty by how many fury cards they place on top of the Demon Lord deck, with more cards making for a trickier experience. Whilst certain acts are skipped - such as ‘the Demon Lord appears’ and ‘call to arms’ - the player will still need to face the Demon Lord and survive the assault in order to win.

The single-player mode for Sanctum was designed by the creator of the original game, Filip Neduk, who also created high-energy arena combat game Adrenaline, inspired by first-person shooters such as Unreal Tournament and Quake. Sanctum similarly draws influence from classic PC games, most notably hack-and-clash dungeon-crawling series Diablo.

Sanctum board game cards

Both Sanctum and Adrenaline were published by Czech Games Edition, which recently released a free-to-play online version of its popular party game Codenames.

You can download the solo rules for Sanctum for free now on the Czech Games Edition website.

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