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SCP: The TRPG brings the supernatural mysteries that inspired video game Control to the tabletop

From maker of CreepyPasta RPG.

A new tabletop RPG based on SCP - the collaborative online writing project best known as one of the key inspirations behind video game Control - is breaking free of containment with a release next week.

SCP - which stands for Secure, Contain, Protect - started life as a series of stories about the supernatural posted to forums such as Reddit, before spawning a dedicated wiki of community-created fiction. Over a decade since its creation, there are now thousands of individual stories by a number of authors surrounding the fictional SCP Foundation and its investigations into various phenomena.

While stories can be standalone tales, they share a number of aspects - outlined in the wiki’s extensive writing guidelines - that ensure they fit into the connected universe. These include references to Special Containment Procedures - objects, locations and other things that may be affected by mysterious anomalies - as well as differing levels of security access and competing groups and agencies in the world.

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SCP particularly came to prominence with the release of video game Control in 2019. Heavily inspired by SCP, as well as supernatural pop-culture touchstones such as The X-Files and Twin Peaks, Control saw protagonist Jesse Faden venture into the depths of the Federal Bureau of Control and encounter a number of Objects of Power with otherworldly attributes. Control inspired a separate indie RPG, In Case of Emergency, released last summer by Boy Problems creator Colin Cummings.

Designer Jason Keech’s upcoming SCP: The Tabletop RPG turns the expansive lore of SCP itself into a roleplaying game, with players taking on the role of staff at the SCP Foundation.

SCP: The TRPG is powered by a refined version of the gameplay system previously used in the designer’s RPG CreepyPasta - named after the genre of online horror stories designed to frighten and unsettle.

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The system sees players able to draw drama cards during sessions to temporarily alter the game’s rules and story outside of the GM’s control.

Each character is granted a security level that determines their ability to access locations within the Foundation, as well as restricting which parts of the rulebook their controlling player can read - locking off more powerful weapons and data until they are granted the necessary clearance.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year to fund a physical edition of the core rulebook, SCP: The Tabletop RPG will be released digitally on DriveThruRPG by publisher 26 Letter Publishing this coming Monday, June 21st.

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