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Disney Smash Up combines classic characters from Frozen, Lion King and more

Play out your crossover fanfiction.

Create combinations of classic animated characters in the upcoming board game Smash Up: Disney Edition.

Based on the various franchises released by Disney Animated Studios, Smash Up: Disney Edition sees players choosing from a wide variety of decks each based on a different movie from the studios’ history.

A deckbuilding board game, Smash Up: Disney Edition features decks inspired by the likes of more modern films such as Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6, alongside classic animated movies like Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. In the game, players can select two decks of their choosing and combine them, getting access to cards from each deck and forming new combinations of actions and abilities.

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With their deck combinations, every player will then compete against each other in order to be the first to acquire 15 victory points, or otherwise have the most victory points by the end of the game. During the game, players will be trying to gain control of the base cards that are currently in play by laying down cards from their hand. As players place their cards on a base, it will gradually become more and more broken. Whichever player has the most power on a base card when it is eventually smashed up takes control of it and scores the most victory points, with second and third place scores going to the corresponding players.

The Disney board game enables players to use their cards to undermine their opponents, with each deck being themed around a certain type of tactic, as well as a particular animated movie. Certain combinations of decks will provide better options than others, with players being able to test out new combos with every playthrough.

Smash Up: Disney Edition was co-created by Sean Fletcher and Paul Peterson – the designer of the original Smash Up card game – who have previously worked together on Smash Up: Marvel, a card game inspired by the Marvel comic book universe that has players combining decks based on the likes of Captain America and Spider-Gwen.

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The Op is set to publish Smash Up: Disney, a company that has released various other movie board games such as Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game – which was also co-designed by Fletcher – It: Evil Below and is set to launch the recently announced Rear Window board game, which is inspired by the films directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Smash Up: Disney Edition is set to be launched sometime this Summer at a retail price of $35 (£26).

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