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Snakesss! is a party game co-created by the designer of Sushi Go!

Slithering onto shelves this summer.

Phil Walker-Harding, the creator of Sushi Go!, has co-designed another party board game called Snakesss! that’s due to come out this summer.

Snakesss! is a quiz game that has players attempting to figure out which one of the group might be an imposter. There’s very little information available about the upcoming title beyond its name, that it will have players answering questions and that there will be an imposter element to the game.

Snakesss! is being co-created and published by Big Potato, a studio that’s known for releasing party games including The Chameleon - a board game by Coup designer Rikki Tahta that also features an imposter mechanic, in which all players except for one have a secret word that they must tip-toe around by using related words in the hopes of tripping up whoever doesn’t know the answer.

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Big Potato has previously released titles such as Don’t Get Got!, a game about players achieving a series of hidden objectives without their opponents noticing; a quiz game about film knowledge called Blockbuster; and a drawing party game that’s similar to Telestrations called Scrawl.

Besides Sushi Go!, Walker-Harding is responsible for creating the historical-themed board game Imhotep - that sees players becoming builders during the height of the Egyptian empire - tile-placement board game Bärenpark and Gizmos, a game in which players use marbles to construct engines.

Last month, it was announced that Walker-Harding has designed a card game called Llamaland set to be released sometime later this year. In the upcoming game, players become farmers who employ the aid of a pack of llama to encourage the growth of their crops, as long as they’re able to keep the various llama on their lands content.

Big Potato is yet to confirm a specific release date or retail price for Snakesss!, with more updates on the game coming “soon”.

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