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Star Trek Ascendancy enters its Final Frontier with a definitive collector’s edition of the sci-fi board game

Setting coordinates for Gamefound later this year.

Image credit: Gale Force Nine

Star Trek board game Star Trek Ascendancy is preparing for what appears to be its last hurrah with a definitive collector’s edition crowdfunding later this year.

Ascendancy launched in 2016 as a sweeping tabletop adaptation of the beloved sci-fi universe, putting players in control of one of three major factions - Federation, Romulan or Klingon - as they explored and laid claim to a galaxy created by a distinctive variable layout of star systems connected by space lanes.

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The space board game’s original three playable factions were later joined by a number of additional species and groups from the Star Trek, from the Ferengi, Vulcan and Borg to the Breen Confederacy in its most recent 2022 expansion. Meanwhile, expansions such as The Dominion War also introduced new areas for players to chart on their travels and rules variants allowing for competing alliances between multiple factions.

Upcoming release Star Trek Ascendancy: Final Frontier is billed as a complete collector’s edition by publisher Gale Force Nine, collecting the entire series - spanning the core game and its seven expansions - into a single box.

Image credit: Gale Force Nine

Though Gale Force Nine is yet to officially confirm if Ascendancy will receive any more additions in the future, with its latest expansions releasing almost two years ago, the name of Final Frontier and description as being “definitive” and containing “all” of the game’s content certainly suggests that this may put at least a temporary pause on the almost decade-old Star Trek board game.

Star Trek Ascendancy: Final Frontier will crowdfund its release via a Gamefound campaign later in 2024, the second in a planned run of re-releases and new games coming to the crowdfunding platform. It will be preceded by a new Conan the Barbarian game arriving in April and followed by a fresh edition of the Dune board game - similarly collecting its available expansions - early next year.

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