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The Adventures of Conan gives the barbarian hero a new board game later this year

Quest across Hyboria by rolling dice.

Image credit: Gale Force Nine

Conan the Barbarian is setting off on a new tabletop quest later this year, as the sword-swinging pulp hero gets a new board game set across the fantasy world of Hyboria.

The Adventures of Conan is a two to four-player game that puts players in control of Conan and his companions - and potentially some of their enemies - as they journey through Hyboria.

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At the heart of the upcoming board game is a pool of custom dice, which the players will roll to take actions while moving around a central board representing places in the world. Those actions might involve exploring locations, battling in combat, training to improve their skills, praying to Hyborian gods or resolving various encounters to gain rewards.

Each character plays differently, with Conan and any allies such as Janissa working together to complete quests - while still pursuing their own personal objectives - opposed by the ability of foes such as Thoth-Amon to lay traps and hinder their efforts.

Image credit: Gale Force Nine

The new Conan board game is in the works at publisher Gale Force Nine, who will be drawing from the 21st-century Dark Horse comics - including the likes of Conan, Conan the Cimmerian and Conan the Slayer - based on Robert E. Howard’s original 1930s stories.

The studio plans to launch a Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for The Adventures of Conan this April, the first in a series of new games headed to the Kickstarter rival ahead of a Star Trek Ascendancy collector’s edition later this year and new edition of the Dune board game in 2025.

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