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Star Wars: Armada miniatures game will not be receiving any more new releases

Reprints prioritised.

Star Wars: Armada, a miniatures game that simulates large-scale spaceship battles, will no longer be receiving any more new releases.

In a statement from the tabletop title’s publisher Atomic Mass Games - the studio behind other licenced miniatures games such as Marvel: Crisis Protocol - it was confirmed that the company would not be releasing any new products for Star Wars: Armada.

Despite the studio admitting that it did not “have any new Armada products in development”, it did confirm that it would be providing support to the game by “prioritising reprints of existing products and through organised play initiatives”.

The announcement follows the development of Star Wars: Armada being moved from its original publisher Fantasy Flight Games - the company responsible for living card games such as Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Marvel Champions as well as the already cancelled card game Star Wars: Destiny - to Atomic Mass back in late 2020, with the studio also taking over development of Star Wars: X-Wing, a smaller-scale space-ship combat game, and the ground-combat focused Star Wars: Legion. Atomic Mass has not yet confirmed whether X-Wing or Legion will stop receiving new products.

Star Wars: Armada is a miniatures game co-created by James Kniffen, who has also worked on Star Wars: X-Wing and designed Civilization: A New Dawn, and the designer of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Christain T Petersen. In the Star Wars themed game, two players compete against one another as fleet admirals of either the Imperial Navy or the Rebel Alliance, commanding their respective spaceships into battle. Whilst the Rebel Alliance will be looking to achieve their objectives before retreating, the Imperial Navy must attempt to destroy the opposing side before they can escape.

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Players use various gameplay mechanics such as the manoeuvre tool - which indicates how each ship will turn and fly depending on its size and other factors - and the command stack, a system which determines what spaceships are able to act when based on their ability to answer swiftly to orders or whether they require more time to enact a command. Creating a balanced fleet filled with both power and speed will help players to gain an advantage over their opponent.

Atomic Mass Games will provide additional information regarding the future of Star Wars: Armada “when it becomes available”.

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