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Star Wars: Destiny has a new print-and-play expansion, Transformations, you can download for free

Despite the collectible dice game being brought to an end in February.

Star Wars: Destiny has received a surprise new expansion, Transformations, following the game’s sudden cancellation earlier this year. And, in even more of a surprise, the expansion is free to print-and-play at home right now.

Transformations features 12 double-sided cards that - true to the set’s title - can be flipped over at points during a match to reveal new characters, events and abilities.

A number of the cards draw from classic Star Wars moments. There’s the transformation of the ‘reckless’ Anakin Skywalker into the anger-fuelled Darth Vader when another character is defeated, for instance, while Luke Skywalker goes from bright-eyed Tatooine youth to trained Jedi with enough resource and shield tokens.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi returns to play as a spirit when struck down as a character, able to aid Luke as a support card, while the separate United/We Stand card sees Darth Vader’s redemption at the end of Return of the Jedi become a helpful plot card. Han Solo can begin the game frozen in carbonite, with players able to rescue him to gain the reverse side of the card as a character.

On the Imperial side, multiple Send in the Troopers plot cards are activated by five or more damage results in a player’s dice pool. Their opponent must name a character - if it matches the character on the back of the Send in the Troopers card, they become an elite character, including Clone Commander Wolfee and Arc Trooper Echo in the stack.

Completing the expansion is a battlefield card for Mortis with day and night sides, damaging or healing characters as it flips each round.

Star Wars: Destiny trading card game Kylo Ren Starter Set cards

The release of Transformations comes despite publisher Fantasy Flight Games releasing the final booster set for the Star Wars game, Covert Missions, in February, almost four years after the collectible dice game made its debut.

The game’s last card kit, Echoes of Destiny, was planned to release alongside the final Star Wars: Destiny World Championship held from May 1st to 3rd, before the entire event was cancelled as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Star Wars: Destiny - Transformations is available to download for free from Fantasy Flight’s website. The game’s latest rules reference - also available to download - features more information on using the double-sided cards in the game.

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