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Star Wars miniatures game Shatterpoint is adding Luke, Leia and Han from A New Hope

Rebels’ main crew also join Atomic Mass Games’ mini skirmisher.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint's This is Some Rescue figure pack promo
Image credit: Atomic Mass Games/LucasArts

Ever feel trapped between the gradually closing walls of a trash compactor? Four new miniatures for Star Wars: Shatterpoint sure do - the main cast of A New Hope are coming to the miniature skirmish wargame as a four-figure squad next month, according to publisher Atomic Mass Games.

Princess Leia Organa leads Chewbacca and both Han and Luke in their Stormtrooper disguises through the guts of the Death Star in the initial episode of the Star Wars franchise. Atomic Mass Games’ sculptors have recast that scene in plastic and resin with the This is Some Rescue Squad Pack, which is due to hit retail on June 3rd.

Shatterpoint’s take on wargames restricts squad sizes down to a handful of minis instead of the massive armies other titles, such as Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar, often field between just two opponents. The game launched in late 2022 with a focus on the prequel film trilogy and Clone Wars animated series, meaning most of its characters come from before the Luke and Leia generation.

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That seems to be changing with this new pack, opening up the door to the wealth of other characters from the original trilogy - and perhaps the polarizing most recent trio of films, as well. Two other new packs introduce the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, the animated show that ended in 2018 and followed a motley bunch of resistance fighters through the time gap between Episodes 3 and 4.

Atomic Mass Games is responsible for three other Star Wars-themed tabletop games: X-Wings, Armada and Legion, but Shatterpoint’s lower demand for player time and money has helped gain a respectable audience. They know how to handle this license and have plenty of experience designing smaller wargames - Marvel: Crisis Protocol continues to be a popular hobby shop league title thanks to the comic book appeal and tight game design.

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