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Star Wars Deck Building Game coming from Fantasy Flight likely won’t be an LCG

Duel of the Fates.

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader face each other with lightsabers drawn across a mockup for the upcoming competitive Star Wars deckbuilding game.
Image credit: Fantasy Flight

A new Star Wars-themed deck builder has been announced by popular board game publisher Fantasy Flight Games. In fact, the name - Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game - is almost everything the company revealed during its Gen Con 2022 livestream.

Crucially, we know that this upcoming board game will not be a living card game, or LCG, like Fantasy Flight’s popular titles for Arkham Horror, Call of Cthulhu and The Lord of the Rings. As reported by Comic Book, Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game will be a competitive title and may specifically focus on two-player combat, as evidenced by the box art featuring Luke and Darth Vader squaring off against one another with lightsabers drawn.

Caleb Grace has been tapped to design the deckbuilder, bringing expertise from The Lord of the Rings and Marvel Champions card games. Fantasy Flight hasn’t offered a solid release date beyond broad plans for 2023.

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Fantasy Flight has a long history creating Star Wars tabletop games and once maintained a competitive LCG for the science fantasy universe in its huge portfolio. Released in 2012, Star Wars: The Card Game positioned one player as commander of the rebel forces and another in the biggest seat of the Empire as both used specific player decks to either build or sabotage the Death Star.

Fantasy Flight ceased design on Star Wars: The Card Game in 2018, and many of its Star Wars titles have been shuffled to other Asmodee-owned studios since the giant company bought Fantasy Flight in 2014. The studio has more recently dedicated itself to “more thoughtful releases,” as it told Dicebreaker in 2021, spinning down some games into an indefinite hiatus and adopting a more measured release schedule for the rest of its portfolio.

An interview in 2020 confirmed that Fantasy Flight had always planned on more Star Wars tabletop games through 2024, so an announced deckbuilding game isn’t exactly a surprise. Fans and players will need to hold onto their expectations until the studio reveals more information in the coming months, and Dicebreaker has reached out for more information. Keep checking the site for more information as it becomes available.

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