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Super Colt Express is an upcoming 15-minute version of the hit train-robbing board game

Off the rails.

Fight to be the last remaining passenger on a train that’s dangerously close to destruction in Super Colt Express, an upcoming board game spin-off from the Wild West-themed beginner board game.

In the original Colt Express, players’ train robbers sought to steal the most money and loot possible from a train filled with wealthy passengers without getting caught by the marshal patrolling the cars.

Assuming the role of nefarious bandits and outlaws, players secretly selected and played a series of action cards. Each action card would then be revealed and activated in sequence, with often chaotic results.

Along with the option to grab whatever loot was available in each train car, players could decide to steal from and engage in fights with their opponents - causing them to be punched into connecting train cars and or even shot with a bullet card. Whichever player successfully collected the most loot by the end of the game was declared the winner.

Super Colt Express board game card layout

In Super Colt Express, the beginner board game is made even simpler by removing the need to collect loot and avoid the marshal. Instead, players must attempt to stay on the Colt Express whilst it barrels across the West, losing train cars and ejecting passengers along the way.

Similarly to the original Colt Express, players must select one of four possible action cards - move, shoot, change floor or switch their facing - and lay it facedown in front of them. Players then reveal their cards in turn and perform their actions, before the train car at the end of the locomotive breaks away, dragging any characters still on it off the tracks. This sequence continues each round until only the train engine remains, which will explode at the end of the turn should more than one passenger remain on it.

The quick board game version plays in as little as 15 minutes, with between three and seven people. The upcoming board game includes two optional mini-expansion modules, Reflex and Horse, which add a further 14 action cards to the mix.

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Super Colt Express was designed by Chistopher Raimbault - the creator of the original beginner board game - and Cédric Lefebvre, co-creator of Viking-themed co-op board game Yggdrasil and designer of sci-fi board game Space Gate Odyssey.

The publisher behind Super Colt Express is Ludonaute, the company responsible for releasing the original Colt Express, as well as family board game The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet and Lewis and Clarke, inspired by the historical expedition across North America.

Super Colt Express is set to be released this June at a retail price of $20/£14.

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