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Classic ‘80s adventure film The Goonies gets an asymmetric board game treatment

Never say dice.

An upcoming board game will translate the kid-friendly chills and thrills of the 1980s film The Goonies into what sounds like an asymmetric tabletop experience.

The Goonies: Never Say Die puts two to five characters in the daring shoes of the eponymous group of precocious youths as they work collaboratively to overcome one of nine narrative adventures that play out on the board. One player takes on the role of the Goondocks Master (GM), who both handles the story and plays the various antagonists the Goonies will encounter along the way.

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The Goondocks Master will attempt to harry the Goonies using foes, traps and other dangers long enough for an hourglass timer to run out. For their part, the Goonies may begin the adventure not even knowing their goal and most rush to uncover the mystery and unravel the truth. The team of kids win or lose together and must pool their resources and use unique abilities in concert to emerge victorious.

Skill checks on equipment and abilities use a pair of dice and each character’s score in three abilities - dexterity, strength and search - to attempt dangerous stunts or feats of daring. Those dice can be upgraded using a special resource called wishes to change their die from a d8 to a d10 or even d12. The Goondocks Master can also take advantage of this tactic, further empowering the Fratellis or that mob of skeleton pirates.

Eight plastic miniatures showcase the original cast, from Mikey, Chunk and Data to Sloth and the fabled buccaneer One-Eyed Willie. The board and its element have been styled piratical and hew closer to an animated cartoon than the live-action film, with bright colours and dark shadows both contrasted against each other to create environments that are spooky in a Halloween decoration fashion.

The title is being designed by Prospero Hall, who has made a name for itself adapting film franchises into cardboard boxes such as Back to the Future: Back in Time, The Shining and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. Funko Games will be handling publishing as it has on several past and future Prospero Hall games, along with its Funkoverse strategy game and a host of Disney tie-ins - including an upcoming Fast & Furious board game.

The Goonies: Never Say Die is currently available for pre-order through Target’s online shopping site for $35 (£25), though certain regional locations are already saying they are sold out. Retail copies expected to arrive sometime this summer.

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