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King’s Dilemma sequel allows players to control their own characters with their own storylines

Will you pick mysticism or materialism?

The upcoming sequel to 2019’s The King’s Dilemma will enable players to control their own characters with their own branching storylines.

In an announcement from the publisher behind The King’s Dilemma, Horrible Guild, it was revealed that its sequel, The Queen’s Dilemma, would feature a collection of new gameplay mechanics and player options.

Whereas King’s Dilemma had players representing different houses or factions within a fictional kingdom – each of whom wanted to influence the monarch’s decisions to their advantages – Queen's Dilemma will have players controlling their own specific characters. Besides having their own secret objectives to fulfill during the course of the fantasy board game’s campaign, players will also have the opportunity to explore various branching storylines for their characters – with their decisions having the potential to affect their options later on in the game.

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Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva announce The Queen's Dilemma.

As well as pursuing their own personal secret objectives, players will be able to commit themselves to certain opposing ideologies such as progress versus tradition or materialism versus mysticism. Throughout the legacy board game, players can decide to remain loyal to a particular set of beliefs or can place their vote wherever they think will benefit their character’s ambitions the most. Unlike in King’s Dilemma, players in the sequel may be able to switch sides during a vote under certain circumstances – thereby making the outcome of each vote even more unpredictable.

However players decide to vote, their decisions have a chance of affecting future events thanks to Queen’s Dilemma’s new legacy system, which uses specific keywords to connect past choices with future consequences. The announcement from Horrible Guild also reiterated the fact that Queen’s Dilemma will include a full-blown map with regions that players will be able to take control of, thereby gaining more power and resources from the region itself.

The Queen’s Dilemma was co-created by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, the co-designers of the original The King’s Dilemma, alongside the train-themed roll-and-write series Railroad Ink and the tile-placement game Dragon’s Castle.

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The Dicebreaker team playes The King's Dilemma.

Apart from The King’s Dilemma and The Queen’s Dilemma, Horrible Guild is responsible for releasing the aforementioned Railroad Ink series and the dexterity board game Dungeon Fighter.

The King’s Dilemma is a narrative-driven board game for three to five players that takes place in a fantasy kingdom that’s run by a monarch advised by a council of rival houses. During the game, dilemma cards are drawn and an issue is put before the government and its monarch. Players will then debate, form alliances and eventually make a decision on behalf of the monarch, which will subsequently shape the land and its peoples’ lives.

A Kickstarter campaign is set to be launched for The Queen’s Dilemma at some point in the near future. Dicebreaker has reached out to Horrible Guild for more information.

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