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Queen’s Dilemma Kickstarter campaign will launch later next month

Arrival at Ankist.

The Kickstarter launch date for The Queen’s Dilemma, an upcoming narrative board game, has been unveiled.

A sequel to 2019’s legacy board game The King’s Dilemma, The Queen’s Dilemma will be crowdfunded via a Kickstarter campaign launching at the end of October. Details regarding what players can expect in the box, alongside pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates, are yet to be revealed.

First announced in July 2021, The Queens Dilemma sees players returning to the Kingdom of Ankist – the setting of The King’s Dilemma – to once again give counsel to the ruling monarch. Unlike its predecessor, Queen’s Dilemma will enable players to control specific characters rather than representing various political factions. Depending on their chosen character, players will have their own secret objectives to fulfill, as well as a branching storyline that will progress throughout the fantasy board game.

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A trailer for the Kickstarter campaign for The Queen's Dilemma.

Whilst players are not tied to specific factions in Queen’s Dilemma, they will have opportunities to align themselves with certain ideologies. Examples of potential ideologies players can support include tradition, materialism and mysticism. However, players do not need to remain loyal to particular beliefs, with the option to change their allegiances whenever they feel it suits their goals.

Just like in King’s Dilemma, the upcoming board game will see players be presented with a series of issues affecting the kingdom, with their job being to advise the Queen on what she should do. Players will be able to discuss and share their arguments for why the monarch should pursue a certain course of action, usually in an attempt to sway others to vote with them. Depending on the decisions their monarch makes, the players’ version of Ankist will change – with the group determining whether for the better or for the worst.

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Dicebreaker play a spolier-free preview of The King's Dilemma.

The Queen’s Dilemma was co-designed by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, the co-creators of The King’s Dilemma and the roll-and-write train game series, Railroad Ink.

Horrible Guild is the studio responsible for releasing The Queen’s Dilemma, with the company being behind the publication of its predecessor as well as the aforementioned Railroad Ink and the Dungeon Fighter franchise – board games in which players are challenged to roll dice in dexterous ways to defeat dungeons.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for The Queen’s Dilemma is set to launch on October 25th.

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