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Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! is a faster and simpler version of the dinky sci-fi game

Intergalactic decktator.

Become the supreme commander of an interplanetary civilisation in Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off!, a fast-paced and straightforward spin-off from the pocket-sized sci-fi strategy game.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! is an upcoming game about taking over new stretches of the universe to be the leader of a Type IV civilisation, an even more impressive feat than that of controlling a Type III one. However, there’s only room enough for one supreme commander in this galaxy, so players will have to quickly move their fleet across as many of the available planets as possible, before their opponents can get the upper hand.

The game starts with players taking turns to roll their galaxy dice - the number of which is determined by their galaxy track - to see what actions they will be able to take on their turn. These dice are then placed in the activation bay shown on the game’s action mat. Potential actions include moving a starship to either the surface of a planet - which enables the player to perform the action listed - or to the planet’s orbit, allowing them to move further toward controlling it.

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Gaining control of a planet requires players to have rolled either a life or tech symbol that turn, enabling them to move the starship orbiting the planet up the control tracker and eventually to its peak. Once a player has complete control over a planet, they can take the planet card into their collection - gaining its star points - and return all their starships to their mat.

Players can collect resources from any planets they have ships on or orbiting around by using a ‘resource acquire’ die result, gaining either culture or energy. Both culture and energy can be used to improve a player’s galaxy track, giving them more dice to roll at the start of each turn. Energy can also be spent to reroll any dice that have not been already used, whereas culture can be used to perform a follow action.

Following another player’s action means that players who are not currently taking their turn can choose to pay a culture resource, in order to copy the action shown on the die placed in the active player’s yellow activation slot.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! board game layout

Once a player has successfully collected 21 or more star points, the game ends and the player with the most star points is named the winner.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! was designed by Scott Almes, creator of the Tiny Epic series of games - including the original Tiny Epic Galaxies, released in 2015, and its mini spin-off game Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies - and worker-placement game Harbour.

The spin-off is being published by Gamelyn Games, the company responsible for releasing the entire Tiny Epic series, including Tiny Epic Pirates, which successfully raised $1,104,805 (£838,000) during a Kickstarter campaign earlier this summer.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! is available now at a retail price of $20 (£15).

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