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Use your blindfolded friend’s thumb as a joystick in hilarious-looking racing board game Turbo Kidz

From Decrypto and Turing Machine studio.

Image credit: Scorpion Masque

A new board game will have you race a car around a track using your blindfolded friend’s thumb like a video game arcade joystick. It looks completely wild, and very funny.

Turbo Kidz comes from Scorpion Masque, the Canadian publisher behind brain-blowing party game Decrypto and last year’s puzzler Turing Machine, as well as the Zombie Kidz series of family-friendly board games, which has since spun out into the likes of legacy game Zombie Kidz Evolution and recent point-and-click-like investigation game Flashback.

Image credit: Scorpion Masque

As the ‘Kidz’ in its name implies, Turbo Kidz is technically set in the universe of Zombie Kidz, albeit after the zombie apocalypse has been averted and humanity has decided to take to the track in Fast and the Furious-like races. The game's artwork borrows the bright, cartoony style of previous Zombie Kidz games, as well as featuring cameos for several of their characters.

The game’s novel control scheme by designer Emmanuel Gauvain involves one player being blindfolded, while another player grasps their thumb like a retro arcade joystick. Together, the pair must attempt to steer their car around each of Turbo Kidz’ 16 courses, with the blindfolded player drawing a literal driving line on the board using a drywipe pen as their co-pilot moves their thumb and provides directions out loud.

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The game can be played cooperatively or in competitive multiplayer races with up to six players (controlling three cars), which make use of turbo boosts and customised gadgets for each of six different vehicles that can help slow down opponents.

Turbo Kidz is due for release later this year.

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