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Unmatched volume 2 brings Achilles, The Monkey King and Bloody Mary into the fray

Alongside the previously revealed Princess Yennenga.

Greek warrior Achilles, Chinese legend Sun Wukong and horror figure Bloody Mary will be stepping into the fight in the upcoming Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume Two.

The new playable characters were revealed as part of The Dice Tower’s Summer Spectacular event, with co-creator Justin D Jacobson confirming the final line-up for Volume Two of the card game Joining the already announced Princess Yennenga - a warrior ruler from 14th century northern Ghana who targets her enemies from afar and fights alongside a band of allies - will be the classic Grecian hero Achilles, best known for his unreliable heel, The Monkey King - Sun Wukong - and Bloody Mary, the centuries-old urban legend.

Sun Wukong, a mythical character from the 16th century novel Journey to the West, will have an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve which he’ll be able to use to deceive his opponents and gain the upper hand. Whilst Achilles, a major character in the classic Greek text The Iliad, will be able to rely on the love he shares with his warrior companion/lover Patroclus for strength. However, should Patroclus fall before him, Achilles will be infused with rage and become an even more formidable opponent. Finally, Bloody Mary - a horror story based on the terrible fate of Mary, Queen of Scots - can utilise her ghostly abilities to attack from all sides and surround her opponents in a suitably scary fashion.

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The artwork for Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume Two was created by Zoë van Dijk, a freelance illustrator, with Restoration revealing the cover art for the upcoming board game in a tweet posted shortly after the video announcement. Volume Two was co-created by Rob Daviau and the aforementioned Justin D Jacobson - the co-designers behind the original Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One - as well as Noah Cohen and Brain Neff, who both worked together on the horror title Betrayal Legacy, alongside Chris Leder and Kevin Rodgers.

Unmatched is a series of deckbuilding games that challenges players to be the last character standing in a battle to the death. A series of skirmish games, Unmatched sees players becoming famous figures from pop culture, history and fiction, with each one having their own set of unique abilities and deck of cards designed around their characters’ most well-known aspects. The series has seen the likes of Buffy - from Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Sherlock Holmes, Deadpool and more stepping into the ring.

Earlier this year, Restoration announced that it would be releasing several expansions based on concepts submitted by contestants in a competition. The winning entries included decks for The Genie of the Lamp, Harry Houdini, William Shakespeare and Rosie the Riveter. The first of these expansions will be called Unmatched: Harry Houdini vs. The Genie, with the release date for the title yet to be confirmed.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume Two is set to be released later this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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