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Dixit and Codenames collide in a party board game about Venn diagrams

Interject about intersecting.

A new party board game based on the concept of Venn diagrams combines elements of Dixit and Codenames into one.

Venn is an upcoming board game that has two or more players attempting to score points by getting the others to guess from a selection of words using combinations of images. Based around the concept of Venn diagrams – which are visual illustrations of how multiple concepts can share different elements – Venn has players placing various abstract imagery cards into a Venn diagram template to help their team at the table figure out the ideas they’re trying to communicate.

Similarly to Codenames, players must only use the cards they have available to them to aid the other players in their guesses, with the Dixit element coming from the inclusion of abstract illustrations. At the beginning of each round, the active player draws a number card that indicates which words on the table they’re trying to get their team to guess. The active player will then use the abstract art cards they have available, placing them in one of the three coloured circles that make up the Venn diagram on the table.

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There are areas where multiple circles in the Venn diagram cross over with each other, with there being a central spot where all three intersect. The active player can use these intersecting areas of the Venn diagram in order to communicate connections between the different cards they’ve placed. Every round of the party board game sees the active player attempting to get their team to guess all three words, meaning that the different cards they use can relate to one or more of the words they’re trying to get their fellow team mates to guess. The other team can also attempt to guess the words if the active team has not managed to get all of theirs.

Once one team has either successfully guessed their words or have given up, the other team is allowed to begin. Players in each team take turns to be the active player, with the game continuing until one team has managed to collect a total of 12 points – thereby becoming the winning team.

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Venn is set to be published by The Op, a studio that has previously released other party games such as Telestrations and Hues & Cues, as well as several licensed tabletop titles like Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War – that sees players working together to gather superheroes to stop the tyrant from gathering all the Infinity Stones – and the newly announced Avatar: The Last Airbender – Fire Nation Rising.

Venn is yet to receive a release date, with the game launching at a retail price of $25 (£19).

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