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Gaston flexes his way into Disney Villainous' standalone expansion Despicable Plots

No one graces a box likes Gaston.

Don the gruesome garb of another three famous Disney antagonists in the standalone Despicable Plots, an expansion to popular competitive card game Villainous, slated to arrive on February 28th.

This new addition can be played alone or mixed with the base card game that pits two to six players against each other as famous animated baddies in a bid to claim their respective realms before anyone else. Each villain’s particular board is composed of locations from their film of origin, and must be conquered by removing obstacles placed in their way, whether they be curses, would-be heroes or their own nasty egoes.

Publisher Ravensburger - maker of The Castles of Burgundy and High Society - said in a press release that Despicable Plots will introduce Gaston, Lady Tremaine and The Horned King to the roster of rotten rivals, along with their respective deck of cards. Like the base experience, each has a specific win condition to achieve and unique allies, tools and weapons to wield against anyone standing in their way.

“Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) must remove obstacles from his realm to prove to Belle that he’s the perfect man. Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) plots to marry one of her stepdaughters to The Prince. And The Horned King (The Black Cauldron) needs to take over the world by filling his realm with Cauldron Born after securing The Black Cauldron,” the description reads.

While details about how each villain plays mechanically, we can see in press images that Gaston’s board will take him from Belle’s house to the rowdy tavern and ultimately to the Beast’s castle. Likewise, the Horned King’s quest for the Black Cauldron starts in his dark realm of Morva, while Lady Tremaine begins the game harrying Cinderella in her room.

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Dicebreaker dubbed Villainous one of the best movie board games for its unique take on classic tales that can be enjoyed by the whole family for its artistry and clever play design. Thanks to the continued conglomeration of licence ownership, previous expansions have added foes from Marvel’s roster, such as Black Panther’s Killmonger and the ultimate threat of the comic-book cinematic universe, Thanos.

Villainous: Despicable Plots is available to preorder now through Amazon and Target, with the latter awarding a special game sleeve and limited-edition bronze bust of Gaston’s bulging chest as a playable piece. Retailers and game stores will begin selling the title on February 28th.

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