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Kilmonger and Taskmaster deliver the pain in Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power

They join Thanos, Hela and Ultron.

Two new playable baddies have joined the roster in Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power, with the Wakandan terror Kilmonger and gun-for-hire Taskmaster both hungry for victory.

The upcoming game sees players competing to see who is the greatest supervillain of them all by performing actions, playing cards, defeating enemies and just generally doing evil deeds. A spin-off of sorts to Disney Villainous - a well-regarded asymmetric board game for beginners - Marvel Villainous features a collection of antagonists from the catalogue of Marvel films and comics all vying for dominance over their individual boards.

The villains announced so far include the tyrant Thanos, the android Ultron and the fiendish Hela, who each have their own unique play styles and are all attempting to complete their own objective before the other villains.

Kilmonger Marvel Villainous board game cards

Joining this cabal of villainy are two newly announced playable antagonists, the dreaded wannabe king, Kilmonger, and the mercenary with a photographic memory Taskmaster. As with the previously revealed villains, both Kilmonger and Taskmaster have their own unique play styles and objectives that players will have to get their heads around if they want to win.

According to a post from BoardGameGeek, In the case of Kilmonger - the usurper featured in the film Black Panther - the player in control of this character must first defeat the enemy Klaw before they can attempt to take the throne of Wakanda. Once Klaw is defeated, Kilmonger must then successfully plant explosives in two other players’ domains - or their boards - before they can be crowned king.

This indicates that there will likely be a lot more interplay between players in Marvel Villainous then there was in the Disney board game, with opportunities for meddling going beyond just forcing opponents to play fate cards - which could mess with their plans.

The next villain for Marvel Villainous, the nefarious mercenary Taskmaster, was revealed in an article on the Gamesradar website. Due to appear in the upcoming Black Widow film, Taskmaster is known for his ability to accurately copy the fighting moves of his opponents thanks to his photographic memory. Taskmaster’s play style and objectives look to mirror his abilities in the Marvel universe, by enabling players to increase the strength of his allies permanently.

Kilmonger Marvel Villainous board game cards 2

Players controlling Taskmaster will need to have an ally of a strength of five or more on each of their domain spaces in order to win the game, all whilst contending with enemies like Black Widow and potential mercenary contracts.

Prospero Hall - which is a group of designers that collectively create games - is the designer behind Marvel Villainous, known for creating the original Disney Villainous as well as the horror board game Horrified and the movie board game Jaws.

Marvel Villainous is being published by Ravensburger, the company behind titles such as The Castles of Burgundy - which is considered one of the best board games ever released - and auction game High Society, amongst many others.

The release date for Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power is currently set for July 26th at a retail price of $35/£28.

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