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New game modes, miniatures and box components revealed for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City board game

Pre-orders start April 3rd.

Miniatures maker Games Workshop has provided the latest bit of information about its upcoming board game, Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, in a weekend post to its community page. The update showed a spread of components and gives fans a pre-order date to mark on their calendars.

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City takes place in the Age of Sigmar fantasy universe, eschewing the game’s usual grand narratives of gods and demons to focus on the city of Ulfenkarn - though, a vampire curse damning it to eternal darkness is fully on brand.

The collaborative dungeon-crawling board game for three to five players will come packaged with 60 Citadel miniatures comprising the eight heroes and various threats they will face exploring the settlement’s macabre warrens, along with some objective markers such as a cheeky lynched skeleton pointing the way forward. The publisher confirmed that all miniatures are compatible with most standard Warhammer game modes.

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Cursed City’s main adventure will be detailed in a 56-page guide and accompanying rulebook. Games Workshop previously told the story of Ulfenkarn’s illustrious past, but their fall was everything but noble. Radokar the Wolf, a powerful and renowned vampire, entered into a deal with the city’s previous rulers to spare them from destruction at the hands of the Chaos horde, but they didn’t realize the protection came at a cost.

Radokar’s curse happened over decades and centuries - one of the perks of unlife is the capacity for patience. Eventually, an opportunity to seize control presented itself to the vampire lord and his court, who now rule the vestiges of living residents with nothing but malice. The collective heroes - whose motives range from dubious to downright selfish - will need to dismantle his cadre of undead generals before earning the right to trade steel and spell with Radokar, himself.

Adventuring groups will tackle a series of adventures that compose a larger campaign, gradually uncovering the depths of the curse’s effects and dismantling the vicious rule over Ulfenkarn’s various districts. Players will roll dice on their turn and assign the results to their unique suite of abilities used to dispatch foes. Teamwork and strategic planning of these combat moves will be necessary to succeed against more dangerous villains.

The party will need to keep one vigilant eye on the status of influence and fear governing the city’s populace - letting either one grow unchecked might result in a total defeat. Four different flavour of journeys - Hunt, Scavenge, Deliverance and Decapitation - present specific challenges such as defeating as many enemies as possible or rescuing townsfolk from a deadly walking spell. Success not only buys the party time to continue adventuring but might reward them treasure and powerful gear.

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City is part of a series of board games adapted from the hugely popular miniatures wargaming franchise from Games Workshop. Initially developed as a spiritual follow-up to HeroQuest in 1995, the contemporary line of titles include three other boxed adventures in both the Age of Sigmar and 40,000 universes. A new edition of HeroQuest is in the works from publisher Hasbro thanks to a staggeringly successful crowdfunding campaign that earned northwards of $3.7 million (£2.69 million).

Pre-orders for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City will open on Games Workshop’s website April 3rd and will include a novelisation of the board game’s campaign by C. L. Werner. Those who pick up the book will gain access to the exclusive battlemage hero Morrvahl Olbrecht. Pricing and shipping dates for Cursed City are still not available at this time.

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