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Conversation-stirring party game Wavelength is coming to mobile next week

iOS <-> Android

If you're looking for a reason to debate why Sudowoodo is the sexiest Pokémon with your friends, good news: conversation-stirring party game Wavelength will see a release on mobile next week.

Released in 2019, Wavelength sees two teams of players attempting to guess a point on a scale - represented by a game show-style meter included in the box - between two opposing concepts, based on a clue given by another player. The two extremes could be as simple as “hot” and “cold” or “round” and “pointy”, or more subjective, such as “guilty pleasure” and “openly love”, “sad song” or “happy song”, and, yes, "unsexy Pokémon" and "sexy Pokémon".

It’s down to the clue-giver to guide the rest of their team as close as they can to the point on the scale (for example, how hot/cold is “sriracha sauce”?), before their proximity to the answer is revealed - points are awarded for getting as close to the answer as possible. The game also includes a co-op mode, with all players working together to score as many points as they can.

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In our review of Wavelength, Charlie Theel called it “the best party game since Codenames”, praising the game’s ability to spark entertaining conversation over its spectrum of answers.

“Nailing the exact position of the scoring wedge is a remarkable feeling,” Charlie wrote. “It's an emotional moment that gives way to high-fives and overt celebration. When you connect with a friend and land exactly on the same page it truly feels as though you're mentally linking up in a bit of instinctual telepathy.”

Wavelength’s upcoming mobile app recreates the game’s iconic dial on your phone or tablet screen, but adds the ability for players to communicate via emotes, show their guess by tapping on the meter and appear on-screen as animated customisable avatars.

Watch on YouTube

The app has been in the works for two years, co-creator Alex Hague said, with the aim to replicate the feeling of playing together in the same room. The game allows up to 10 players to play in-person or remotely, including the game’s co-op variant.

The Wavelength app will be free-to-play when it launches for iOS and Android on February 10th. The game will include over 200 cards, with more than 50 brand new to the app. Extra packs of cards will cost between $1.99 and $4.99.

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